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Registering Trademarks in JAPAN
A Quicker and Simpler Experience While Minimizing Costs




Wanting to create a simple and easy process to file and retrieve a trademark in Japan, we have established a service that allows you to file a trademark application directly in Japan without going through intermediary patent firms. 

We used to be in your position as clients, filing many trademark applications. We would ask profesionals like patent attorneys to complete complicated paperwork. However they would tell us, "Don't leave all the work to us".

Through that experience, we became determined to create a service that would not complicate the lives of clients. 
Working with a patent firm is often to be complicated and hard to comprehend. Especially when applying in Japan, it requires more time, money and energy with many required paperwork.

We have made things simpler at JAPAN DIRECT and are here to help.




Ever experienced this?

In Japan, in order to file a trademark, you have to go through a patent firm in US.
Which results in…

1. loads of documents to submit and review

2. time lag and requires additional time for communication

3. double the costs

But now, these problems will be resolved with JAPAN DIRECT because we eliminate the intermidiary process of going through  a patent firm in US. 

- Your Company -

- Your Company -

- Patent Firm in US -

- Patent Firm in Japan -

- JPO -

- JPO -

General Process


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Fees (for a 5 year period)

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* The JPO defines and accepts indications in comprehensive manner for designated goods, etc. (e.g., sports equipment), which can shorten examination period to approximately 6 months.

・A fee of US$700 per class applies from the 4th class and onwards.
・The registration fee will be incurred after the examiner’s decision is rendered (6-12 months after filing date).
・No overseas remittance fee as we have a US bank account.


[Possible additional costs]
 ・When office actions are issued by the JPO
    Argument: US$600 / Amendment: up to US$300
 ・Mailing a paper certificate of registration
    EMS fee: US$25



Usage flow


Entering the information of trademark, goods or services you want to register. Once all information is submitted, your request is complete. 


Based on the request received, we will confirm the class of the goods or services, and will send you a quotation.


When the payment is completed, your request is ready-to-go.

File a Trademark Application to JPO

We create a document to be sent to JPO for registration, verify the information with you and submit it to JPO. 

Examination by JPO

Examination period is approximately 12 months. Once we receive an office action from JPO, we will guide you through the next steps. 


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